I run, therefore I am!

There are 2 questions which are thrown at me quite frequently.

  1. What made you start running?
  2. Why do you run?

 I’ll answer these questions one at a time. 

What made me start running?

It’s an interesting story. I covered it in my previous blog, which you can read here.


Why do I run?

My family, friends and several others must have asked me this question a zillion times! Quite honestly, I never really thought about it. My focus was only on enjoying each run and I never dwelt on anything beyond that. So I tackled this often-asked question with whatever came to my mind first. Fitness, refreshment, and fun were my usual responses. However, after 14 half marathons, one full marathon, three 15K marathons, two 10K and two 5K marathons I finally realized the significance of this question.


What prompted the realization? I’ll cover that detail later. First, let me share my reasons for running.


  1. I run, therefore I am!

Running has become my lifestyle. It changed me and my life. It has helped me evolve into a better person and has added discipline and structure to my life. Running marathons has taught me not only to take failures positively but also to pursue successes relentlessly. As running allows me to spend some quality time with myself, I use it to introspect and identify areas I need to improve. Running therefore takes on the role of teacher, mentor and coach!


  1. Travel and Photography

I love travelling and photography. You didn’t know that already? See my blog here. Participating in marathons across India allows me to travel, explore new places and take photographs. Sharing some of my pictures below.


Rann of Kutch(My first desert half marathon here)



Satara (My first hill-marathon here)



Balewadi stadium (My regular training ground in Pune)



 Sinhagad Fort



  1. The social network!

Running provides great opportunities to meet people and make friends. Faster and easier than Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined! On a more serious note,  this networking opportunity is really like a steady stream of pure, unadulterated motivation and inspiration. Imagine the strongest and most inspirational people on this earth—cancer survivor, 75-year young man running for his granddaughter, amputee, and the list is a long one! It also makes me realize how easy my life is and just how difficult it could have been. Running allows me to celebrate the smallest things in life and what could give you greater joy than running with your friends!


My friends at work! We all ran The Principal Wellness Run.



Last month, when I was thinking about my goals for 2014 (a wee late, I know!) I realized that it would be great if I could influence at least one person to run a half marathon with me this year. This is my attempt to influence at least one person to take up running. This is what actually prompted me to think hard about why I run. Anybody else wants to share why they run? If we can all collectively motivate several others to take up running, wouldn’t it be just awesome? Please feel free to share your reasons in the comments!