Top 10 Things That Helped Me Finally Qualify for the Boston Marathon

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I remember being in high school in the late-80s and finding a towel in our house from the Boston Marathon .  I don’t know where or how it ended up in our house since nobody in our family was a runner, but that was the first time I thought that I may some day want to run this famous race.  Growing up in the New England, where running is taken very seriously, the Boston Marathon receives a lot of press and I was always amazed that someone could actually run 26 miles non-stop.  Although I was fairly athletic growing up, I only ran when practicing for other sports.  It wasn’t until after I finished college and started working full-time that I felt I needed an outlet to keep fit and began running in 1994 and have been running ever since.  I ran my first marathon in 1996 in San Antonio…

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