Run and click..

I clicked this one while trekking/running Sinhgad fort yesterday. I had to stop, break my rhythm and sacrifice my timing but it was totally worth it! Sometimes, we runners are so busy in running that we forget to appreciate the beautiful surroundings offered by each and every route. Lesson learnt! Keep running friends!



Prajakt Mahajan

Prajakt Mahajan

I’m a doctor..And I do everything except practicing medicine..I work in a Fortune 500 financial company..Besides working, I run marathons..I click pictures and I blog at times..I love to share my marathon achievements, my pictures and anything which has a potential to entertain people..I share to inspire, motivate and entertain..Feel free to get in touch with me.. We can run together, travel to places or click some pictures..After all, I’m a good friend to have and it’s a really short life..