Run Prajakt, Run!

One month ago, I decided I would go for 5 consecutive half marathons on five consecutive Sundays. And I have completed two marathons so far. Both were trail runs and to my surprise (not really), I could complete them within 2 hours. Good accomplishment, isn’t it?

Let me share few moments of these 2 marathons here.

Half marathon 1: Nashik Spirit Run, Sula Vineyards

Beautiful place...
Beautiful place…

This was a gorgeous place to run. I don’t think there are any marathons which go through vineyards in India. And I must say, organizers did a great job with their first attempt. Nashik is one of those cities in India which is blessed with a pleasant weather throughout the year.

After a break of almost 3 weeks, I was going to run this marathon. Though I had only one week for the preparation, I was quite excited about it as my cousins were also going to be part of this marathon.

We started at 6:30. It was damn cold that morning. I could actually see my breath! But the route was really awesome. It traveled through vineyards, meadows and around the Gangapur dam backwaters. I always wish if I could get such place to practice my runs at. I would never stop!

Lovely view..

I started with a brisk pace and could sustain it for the 1.5 loops. 1:50 finish was quite visible and achievable. But I couldn’t sustain the pace in last 4 km. I got slower and slower towards the end. When I reached the finish line, my watch showed 1:57. I was quite happy with my performance. It could have been better but still it was better than what I had expected before the run.

There were celebrations everywhere at the finish line. DJ was rocking! My cousins had successfully completed  their 10K runs. Everyone was happy and dancing. we hesitated initially but later on broke loose. We danced, danced and danced. There were some weird songs which I had never heard of but it was awesome fun dancing to them with weirdest possible moves.

Family time..
with my cousin..

Half marathon 2: Pune Running trail marathon

Another trail marathon. My friend who had run this one last year had told me that it’s not going to be an easy one. So I was apprehended to some extent as far as my timings were concerned. I   really want to complete all these 5 half marathons under 2:00.

I had company of my friends for this one. It’s always good feeling to have your friends running the same marathon. My start was again strong and I could sustain it till 17K. At 17K, I started slowing down. Again. My knee started aching. And the pain got worse more I tried to push it away. I finished the marathon at 1:51 but wasn’t too happy has I was pretty sure I had hurt my knee. But as usual, we ll had a great time at the finish race. Some pictures, some chats and some more pictures.

with some known and unknown people..

We all went to South Indian restaurant for the breakfast. It was really nice to have a sumptuous breakfast along with never ending discussions. And this is exactly what I like about running. Running allows me to network, socialize and have fun!

My illiotibial band is still causing some troubles and I have 3 more marathons to run. I’ll ignore the band and will focus on the runs! See you soon!