Girl next door-part 2

After my blog on HER (read here), I’ve been asked by many-

“How is your neighbour? Have you made any progress?”

There is one confession I’ve to make. And I’ll make it later in this blog. But let me take you through an interesting story which revolves around HER and me. I hope you will like it.

It was a dry, dull and a boring Monday. I came home at around 6, fatigued and exhausted. All I wanted was a self-made cup of tea and I was really looking forward for it. I reached kitchen and I realized that there was no tea left in the house. Andy (my roommate) eats tea, I guess! I didn’t have any energy left to go out and buy it. So for the first time in my life, I stepped out to ask for tea. Well, the target was defined. It ought to be HER!

I set my hair, put on a nice T shirt and headed towards her apartment. And within 10 seconds, I came back, without even pressing the doorbell! That must be the quickest and funniest ‘give up’ in the history. I’m good at fighting failures. I did some self pep talk and left for the mission again.

This time I pressed the doorbell.  No one responded. I took a deep breath and pressed it again. Again, no one responded! Just when I was about to return dejected, she opened the door. Wow! She looked stunning and gorgeous.

She: Hey..Hi! How are you, Prajakt?

I: Hi..I’m good. How are you?

She: I’m good ya. Tell me, how come you are here?

(Silence) I couldn’t remember why I was at her door!

I: I wanted something…Yeah, I wanted some sugar. Can I have some sugar?

She: Sure. Just give me a second.

She came back with some sugar in a bowl. Wow, she looked pretty with her spects on.

I: Thanks! Thanks so much!

She: You are welcome, Prajakt!

I left her apartment with a smile on my face. And the smile disappeared when I reached my kitchen.

Sugar???  I wanted tea, Prajakt ! And I asked for Sugar! How can I be so idiot! I had never behaved so confused in my life. But yes, I wanted tea. And I wanted it desperately.

So I did some pep talk again and left for the mission. I reached her apartment and stood there. Before pressing the bell, I took a deep breath to reorganize myself. After few seconds, I pressed the bell. This time, she didn’t take long. She opened the door with the same gorgeous and gracious look.

She: Hi again! What happened?

I: TEA!! (she was taken aback by my aggression.) Hey, I want some tea also.. Sorry to trouble you..

She: Not a problem, ya..I will get it for you.

She came back with some tea in a bowl. I couldn’t stop staring her.

She: Here you go! I hope you have milk and water available with you.

I: (Smiling) the way, would you like to join for tea? I’m pretty good at making tea.

Whoa! What did I just do? I asked her out for tea! My heart started beating faster..I could feel it..

She: (pause) hmm..(pause)…hmm (pause)..

I: It’s okay if you are not comfortable. Sorry, if I intruded your space.

My heart was beating even faster now and a part of me had started disowning me. I could have fainted at any point.

She: Why not! Give me five minutes and I’ll join you.

Heaven! I was in heaven! I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what was going on.

I: Sure. See you in five minutes!

I came home with a mission ‘over’accomplished feeling. I punched some fists in the air and celebrated in my own way.

I had to focus on my tea now. I was charged up and excited.

After five minutes-

The bell rang. So did my heart. I opened the door. And there was she! A gorgeous and gracious female at my door!

I had arranged two chairs in the balcony. The view from the balcony was refreshing on that day. Well, everything looked beautiful that day. Sunset was on the verge. The orange-amber hue in the sky was offering a stunning view. Cool, soothing breeze was going on. I had put a soft, lovely melodious music in the back ground.

So there were we! Two people connected by a series of coincidences, having tea on lovely evening with a soothing breeze, a melodious music and a beautiful view to accompany. We spoke for a long time over a cup of tea. The tea allowed us to get to know more about each other.


As usual, I had a smile on my face. That evening tea is going to be cherished for a really long time. I sincerely want to thank Andy for working long hours on that day.

Confession/Disclaimer: This blog is purely a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to reality. I just wanted to stretch my imagination and nothing else. 🙂