What a beautiful coincidence!

I was in a good mood as it was Friday. There is a stark difference in the way I used to look at my work one year ago and how I look at it now. One year ago, I used to crave, crave for work, and crave for Mondays. And now, I hate Mondays! My colleague at work calls this transformation as humanization of Prajakt Mahajan (that’s me)! But that’s not the point I want to discuss here.

Something beautiful happened today. It had never happened in my life (No Mom, I’ve not fallen in love!). It was in a series, in a series of coincidences.


I stay in a building which has 12 floors and 30 studio apartments on each floor. It was 8:50 a.m. and I was cleaning my bike on the ground floor parking. When I was about to leave for office, I saw doors of the lift open. A girl came out. She had a backpack and a book in hand. She was in some strange hurry. I observed her for few seconds and then got back to cleaning my bike. After few minutes, I left for office. When I reached the main entrance of our building, I saw that the same girl was waving at me. She was asking for a lift. This time she was not only in hurry but looked confused. That’s a fatal combination!

I stopped my bike. She walked to me and asked, “Can you drop me to main road (10 minutes away)?”

Before I could say YES, she started talking again. “Look, it’s my first day in the new office and I’ve missed my bus. I’ve never taken a lift in my life but I want one today. Please drop me at Main Road.”

This time I was able to speak. I spoke, “Yes, I’ll drop you.”

She didn’t look too confident as far as sitting on a bike was concerned. But with few failed attempts, finally she could settle on my bike. I started my bike and the journey began.

I: Where do you work?

She: I work at ABC Company. It’s a mortgage company.

Coincidence number 1: This company lies 2 floors below my work place! We share the same tower in Cybercity, Pune.

I: Seriously? I work in XYZ Company. It’s a finance/insurance company.

She: Jeez, the world is too small!

I was driving slowly. I don’t know why. My Mom would have hugged me if she had seen me driving today.

After 500m-

I: You don’t appear to be a Puneite. Where are you from?

She: I’m from Nagpur.

I: I’m from Nagpur too!

She: Oh god, the world is too small!

Coincidence number 2: We both belong to Nagpur and our houses are not more than a kilometre away.

After 1000m-

She: Hey, I haven’t even asked your name! What’s your name?

I: Prajakt Mahajan.

She: Maharashtrian?  (in Marathi) Deva, he jag khoop lahan aahe! (God, this world is too small)

Coincidence number 3: We have a common mother tongue, Marathi.

She is a mechanical engineer who is working in a mortgage company. And I’m a doctor working for a finance company!

Coincidence number 4: Wrong people at wrong places!

We spoke about blah-blah-blah. And our tower arrived.  Thank you, Bye, See you later formalities were completed and she left.

I had to park my bike which by the way must have surely felt treated like a bicycle today. I started climbing stairs thinking about the girl and the coincidences we have been part of. I had a smile on my face. I was happy. The whole coincidence saga was lingering on my mind. Too many coincidences to take!

The day was hectic and kept me busy. At 6 p.m., I left for home and when I reached home, I got a phone call from a colleague. I started talking to her on the floor lobby itself.

And then I saw that morning girl again! I saw her opening the door of an apartment which is right opposite of mine! Though I was still talking on the phone, I shouted her name, “Blah Blah?”

She: Oh my God! This world is really too small!

I: (Still on the phone) Catch you later.

She: Sure. Bye.

Coincidence number 5: I’m speechless!


For last 4 months, we (Andy and I) have been thinking that the apartment opposite ours is haunted! We have seen all the signs of human habitat but not a human!

There are 360 apartments in my building and the person whom I gave lift in the morning works 2 floors below mine, hails from the same town, has same mother tongue as mine, and has been staying right opposite me for last 4 months!

What a beautiful day it was! The coincidences just kept me smiling throughout the day. I have got to say just one thing-

God! This world is too small!

Mom- No, I’m not in love. I’m not even thinking that way. And I don’t want to get married this year!


5 thoughts on “What a beautiful coincidence!

  1. These are pretty interesting incidences! The way they happened it looks you will have changed your mind very soon 🙂 looking forward for the more to come in the series! The world is too small!!!

  2. I could remember a lovely Hindi movie song .. “Ek ajnabee haseena se yu mulakaat ho gayi .. !
    “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein, The World as I See It.
    Falling an apple was coincidence for Einstein and the story went a long ahead.. lets see where this coincidence will take you 🙂 wish you good luck !

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