Trek to Sinhgad…

I trek on every Saturday (sometimes Sunday). And I’ve been able to hit 80% success ratio. Not bad, huh? I trek with Andy(my room mate) and his hangover. Otherwise, I trek alone. Its a wonderful exercise and a good change from routine runs. Last Saturday, I had a company, a company of 8 awesome people. And it was fun! Well, it had to be!

We trekked Sinhagad, a local fort near Pune. It takes 50-60 minutes to climb this fort. The trek is relatively easy but has few patches which require stamina and some trekking skills.

Let the pictures tell you the story now…

A lovely Sunrise...
A lovely Sunrise…
Orange turning blue..
View from the top..
View from the top..
Energy drinks..
Mission accomplished..
Smiles everywhere…
Stunning view from the top..
I couldn’t resist clicking this one..
The wall of Sinhgad..
This click features my desktop now..
My favorite..
Waiting for breakfast to be served..
Spicy, oily and tasty!

It was one of the memorable outings  I have had in my life. The aura of this trek is still lingering around me..And it will be there..Till we go for our next trek!

So when was the last time you had gone for a trek with your friends?


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