What a beautiful coincidence!

I was in a good mood as it was Friday. There is a stark difference in the way I used to look at my work one year ago and how I look at it now. One year ago, I used to crave, crave for work, and crave for Mondays. And now, I hate Mondays! My colleague at work calls this transformation as humanization of Prajakt Mahajan (that’s me)! But that’s not the point I want to discuss here.

Something beautiful happened today. It had never happened in my life (No Mom, I’ve not fallen in love!). It was in a series, in a series of coincidences.


I stay in a building which has 12 floors and 30 studio apartments on each floor. It was 8:50 a.m. and I was cleaning my bike on the ground floor parking. When I was about to leave for office, I saw doors of the lift open. A girl came out. She had a backpack and a book in hand. She was in some strange hurry. I observed her for few seconds and then got back to cleaning my bike. After few minutes, I left for office. When I reached the main entrance of our building, I saw that the same girl was waving at me. She was asking for a lift. This time she was not only in hurry but looked confused. That’s a fatal combination!

I stopped my bike. She walked to me and asked, “Can you drop me to main road (10 minutes away)?”

Before I could say YES, she started talking again. “Look, it’s my first day in the new office and I’ve missed my bus. I’ve never taken a lift in my life but I want one today. Please drop me at Main Road.”

This time I was able to speak. I spoke, “Yes, I’ll drop you.”

She didn’t look too confident as far as sitting on a bike was concerned. But with few failed attempts, finally she could settle on my bike. I started my bike and the journey began.

I: Where do you work?

She: I work at ABC Company. It’s a mortgage company.

Coincidence number 1: This company lies 2 floors below my work place! We share the same tower in Cybercity, Pune.

I: Seriously? I work in XYZ Company. It’s a finance/insurance company.

She: Jeez, the world is too small!

I was driving slowly. I don’t know why. My Mom would have hugged me if she had seen me driving today.

After 500m-

I: You don’t appear to be a Puneite. Where are you from?

She: I’m from Nagpur.

I: I’m from Nagpur too!

She: Oh god, the world is too small!

Coincidence number 2: We both belong to Nagpur and our houses are not more than a kilometre away.

After 1000m-

She: Hey, I haven’t even asked your name! What’s your name?

I: Prajakt Mahajan.

She: Maharashtrian?  (in Marathi) Deva, he jag khoop lahan aahe! (God, this world is too small)

Coincidence number 3: We have a common mother tongue, Marathi.

She is a mechanical engineer who is working in a mortgage company. And I’m a doctor working for a finance company!

Coincidence number 4: Wrong people at wrong places!

We spoke about blah-blah-blah. And our tower arrived.  Thank you, Bye, See you later formalities were completed and she left.

I had to park my bike which by the way must have surely felt treated like a bicycle today. I started climbing stairs thinking about the girl and the coincidences we have been part of. I had a smile on my face. I was happy. The whole coincidence saga was lingering on my mind. Too many coincidences to take!

The day was hectic and kept me busy. At 6 p.m., I left for home and when I reached home, I got a phone call from a colleague. I started talking to her on the floor lobby itself.

And then I saw that morning girl again! I saw her opening the door of an apartment which is right opposite of mine! Though I was still talking on the phone, I shouted her name, “Blah Blah?”

She: Oh my God! This world is really too small!

I: (Still on the phone) Catch you later.

She: Sure. Bye.

Coincidence number 5: I’m speechless!


For last 4 months, we (Andy and I) have been thinking that the apartment opposite ours is haunted! We have seen all the signs of human habitat but not a human!

There are 360 apartments in my building and the person whom I gave lift in the morning works 2 floors below mine, hails from the same town, has same mother tongue as mine, and has been staying right opposite me for last 4 months!

What a beautiful day it was! The coincidences just kept me smiling throughout the day. I have got to say just one thing-

God! This world is too small!

Mom- No, I’m not in love. I’m not even thinking that way. And I don’t want to get married this year!


Trek to Sinhgad…

I trek on every Saturday (sometimes Sunday). And I’ve been able to hit 80% success ratio. Not bad, huh? I trek with Andy(my room mate) and his hangover. Otherwise, I trek alone. Its a wonderful exercise and a good change from routine runs. Last Saturday, I had a company, a company of 8 awesome people. And it was fun! Well, it had to be!

We trekked Sinhagad, a local fort near Pune. It takes 50-60 minutes to climb this fort. The trek is relatively easy but has few patches which require stamina and some trekking skills.

Let the pictures tell you the story now…

A lovely Sunrise...
A lovely Sunrise…
Orange turning blue..
View from the top..
View from the top..
Energy drinks..
Mission accomplished..
Smiles everywhere…
Stunning view from the top..
I couldn’t resist clicking this one..
The wall of Sinhgad..
This click features my desktop now..
My favorite..
Waiting for breakfast to be served..
Spicy, oily and tasty!

It was one of the memorable outings  I have had in my life. The aura of this trek is still lingering around me..And it will be there..Till we go for our next trek!

So when was the last time you had gone for a trek with your friends?

Goa unloaded…

It all started when my mother reminded me that I haven’t met her and dad for last six months. Well, I had my own excuses for not visiting their place, Vasmath (a small cute town in Maharashtra). I don’t like travelling to Vasmath not because it’s a small town but it takes 9 awful hours to reach there. And the bus service is as good as a father in law who had never approved your marriage!

As usual, my mother had a plan. (A mother is a necessity for an invention!) She asked me to come to Goa where they were going to spend their week-long vacation. I agreed to join them for a weekend.

According to my friend, Goa is known for 3 Bs. Lovely Beaches, gorgeous Babes and cheap Boozes.  I have been to Goa, thrice- for beaches and boozes…For the first time in my life, I was visiting Goa with the only intention of meeting my parents.

I checked in at Club Mahindra Resort on a Saturday morning. This resort is beautiful and has its own private beach. I’m not much into arts but I loved one of their restaurant’s architecture.

Club Mahindra Resort
Club Mahindra Resort
Italian Restuarant
Italian Restuarant

I was happy to see my parents after a long time. There were conversations. Some were funny, some were insightful and some were thought provoking. I have always enjoyed talking to my parents. It just gets me back on track. We chatted, we discussed and we listened to each other. I stopped contributing when my dad asked me about my marriage plans. That was too embarrassing!

Double bicycling!
Double bicycling!

The beach offered a stunning view. Be it any time. Morning, noon or night.

What a seat and what a view!
What a seat and what a view!
Just before sunset. A stunning view!
Just before sunset. A stunning view!

For the first time in my life, I went for a run on the beach.

A Perfect Run!
A Perfect Run!
A run on the beach!
A run on the beach!

With my new found love for running, this wasn’t a surprise. And it was awesome! Waves hitting the shore, sunset on the verge and a cooling breeze made it one of most beautiful runs I have taken till date. During a run of 60 odd minutes, I could witness couples holding hands, people doing Yoga, kids playing and few sitting in solitude. A beach is one of the very few places which can cater to variety of emotions, moods and people at the same time.

A perfect way to cool down after a run of 60 minutes!
A perfect way to cool down after a run of 60 minutes!
Swimming pool
Swimming pool

A pool at the resort was enticing. Floating in cool blue water, sipping my fruit punch and a soothing music in the background is all what was needed to make me feel relaxed and at peace. And boy, what a refreshment was it! First time, again!

When I was talking to my dad about all those things I did it for the first time in Goa, he shared one of his philosophies for life. It’s in a form of a question.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

He said, “Prajakt, if you keep asking this question to yourself, you won’t ever get bored of life”. How true! This compelled me to jot down the list of things I did it for first time. There were quite a few to note-

  1. Visiting Goa for reasons other than 3 Bs.
  2. Taking a long run on the beach
  3. Floating in the pool doing nothing
  4. Riding a double bicycle with dad
  5. Completing a novel (50 shades of Grey) at 3:00 a.m. (Please refer to my previous blog, here.)
  6. And discussing (?) marriage plans with parents!!

So, let me ask you-

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

One of my favorites!
One of my favorites!

Disclaimer: I’m a rare, social and occasional drinker. 🙂